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Endometriose in Balans

Endometriose in Balans was formally established in March, 2018 by three highly experienced consultants who had been specialising in the management of endometriosis for many years. It has in a very short time become one of the largest centres in Europe dealing with the very worst forms of endometriosis.

In general, endometriosis takes too long to diagnose, is under-staged and under-treated. On average it takes 6-8 years for women to receive a diagnosis but, even worse, this delay is 12-14 years for those women with the very worst disease involving their bowel.

Most gynaecologists treat women with endometriosis alongside those with other gynaecological conditions and also women who are pregnant but Endometriose in Balans is a specialist endometriosis-specific service and deals with no other condition.

We work in a multi specialty team involving endometriosis surgeons, bowel surgeons, urologists, radiologists, pain specialists, fertility specialists, clinical psychologist, physiotherapist, dietician and specialist nurses. Working together with patients we are able to offer all available treatments for endometriosis whatever the needs of the woman and whatever the severity of the disease.

Our philosophy is that while we are able to offer all available treatments to women with the most severe endometriosis whether involving the bowel, urinary tract, chest or pelvic nerves, we believe that the treatment must always be led by the individual woman with our team acting as her adviser and that she is, at all times, the controller of her treatment.

Although operational for a relatively short time, Endometriose in Balans is recognised within the Netherlands with STZ status (the only clinic in the country with this status which recognises a high level of specialisation suitable for taking tertiary referrals) and in March, 2020 received the approbation of the European Endometriosis League being accredited as one of a small number of specialist endometriosis services in Europe deemed to be of highest level of clinical and academic excellence.

Endometriose in Balans is also very active in training and research, training the next generation of endometriosis specialists and leading the way in terms of investigation into endometriosis. As our patient, your on-going care and response to treatment will be monitored to determine the best long-term solutions for you: in fine, your wellbeing is our passion.

Queen Máxima opens Endometriosie in Balans expertise centre

On Thursday 15 March, Queen Máxima opened the centre of expertise Endometriose in Balans in HMC Bronovo. Watch the video of the official opening of Endometriose in Balans on the right.

Research among our patients

The experience of patients in the different phases of the treatment process is recorded via validated questionnaires. The results are discussed structurally and we use this to continuously improve the quality of care in our centre. View the patient journey document here (pdf).


J. Rhemrev


'Al sedert mijn opleiding aan de VU in Amsterdam zag ik dat endometriose niet overal de aandacht kreeg die het verdiende. Door de expertise die ik heb opgedaan als hoofd van de fertiliteitskliniek in Bronovo en mijn participatie in het team van laparoscopische chirurgen denk ik een waardevolle bijdrage te leveren aan Endometriose in Balans.'

J. English


'Tussen de 35.000 en 75.000 vrouwen in Nederland lijden aan een ernstige vorm van endometriose waarbij darmen en/of blaas zijn aangetast. Mijn specifieke interesse is om deze ernstige vorm van de ziekte te behandelen door middel van complexe en ingrijpende laparoscopische chirurgie waarbij zoveel mogelijk zenuwen in de omgeving van het aangetaste weefsel gespaard blijven. Deze vorm van chirurgie wordt slechts op enkele plaatsen in Nederland toegepast.'