Our approach

The patient is at the helm

What does this mean for you?

  • Active instead of passive
  • Leading instead of suffering
  • At the wheel instead of the back seat

The core of the approach to Endometriosis in Balance is that the patient gets control over her treatment and can count on the treatment by professionals and specialists from different disciplines. Every member of the multidisciplinary team is well acquainted with endometriosis. Each patient is discussed in the multidisciplinary consultation. This allows the patient to work out with her team and determine the best treatment plan in her situation.

Do you want to view your medical file? Our outpatient clinic is located in the hospital Alexander Monro in Bilthoven.

Doctor is coach

What does it mean for us?

  • Informative instead of directive
  • Accompanying instead of determining
  • Decisive when necessary

Doctors and other care providers have long since ceased to be the all-knowing and the patient is no longer just an expert by experience. She is very well informed, among other things, through her contacts with fellow sufferers and emails with experts from all over the world. The Endometriosis in Balance team assists patients in translating all this information into their personal situation.

In various phases of the treatment process, the coaching role will also be fulfilled again and again. If there are strong emotions in the first phase of the disease, the patient will be less able to keep control and the doctor will be more direct than in the phase of aftercare / chronicity. Later, the patient is perfectly capable of directing herself and thanks to the internet and forums she is sometimes even better informed than we are. The Endometriose in Balans team is then an open and transparent consultation partner.

Personal treatment plan

During the first consultation, ample time is taken for “history taking”, partly with the help of the questionnaire that you have completed in advance. Together with the nurse you also make a “quality of life” score. You assess the quality of your life. This measurement is repeated at intervals of several months with which we can assess whether and to what extent the treatments have an impact on your quality of life. A gynaecological examination and an ultrasound are also standard parts of this first appointment at the clinic. The data and results are recorded in the personal electronic patient file (EPD).

In case of deep invasive endometriosis, the patient is then discussed in multidisciplinary consultation with the specialists involved. In this consultation, the most suitable treatment for you will be determined by the doctors. Medication, surgical intervention, psychological and pain management or a combination of treatments can be part of your treatment plan. The treatment plan is of course based on the presence, the nature of the endometriosis and the severity of the complaints. But you as a person behind the disease are leading for us in determining customisation and we therefore take into account your opinion, specific wishes and personal needs.


Endometriose in Balans is located in the Alexander Monro Hospital site in Bilthoven. But the centre also offers an online platform for exchanging information with fellow suffer-ers and experts.

E-health for Endometriose in Balans is:

  • An app for your smartphone
  • A forum for contact with fellow sufferers
  • To view your medical file
  • Email contact for prescriptions