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More information

Endometriose in Balans is among the largest specialist endometriosis clinics in Europe. Our outpatient clinic is based in the Bronovo Hospital, Den Haag, part of the Haaglanden Medical Centre group.

Endometriosis in Balans was established by Dr. Maddy Smeets, Dr. Johann Rhemrev and Dr. Jim English. Click here for more information about the medical team.

Endometriose in Balans works alongside prominent organisations in the field. Below you will find some useful links.

The European professional association for fertility doctors has drawn up guidelines for treating women with endometriosis.

Patient support association

Dutch Association of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Gynaecology Selfhelp

For reduced fertility

Your Medical File
Klik hier om uw medisch dossier in te zien.

Endometriose in Balans App
You can be guided through your care pathway using our App. It is available for iphone/android and ipad/tablet through Apple Appstore/Google Appstore

Research is continuously done to assess how patients experience and respond to our treatment method. Open the research document here (pdf).

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Endometriosis in balance stands for:

Multidisciplinary team

The patient is in control

Doctor and patient decide together

Improving quality of life


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