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Endometriosis is a benign, chronic condition which affects 10% of all women of childbearing age, with an estimated 400,000 women in the Netherlands being affected. In women with endometriosis, tissue resembling the endometrium also grows outside the womb. As a result, various organs may be affected. The symptoms of endometriosis differ from woman to woman. These range through (abdominal) pain, fertility problems, to problems urinating or emptying the bowels (Click here for more information about the potential symptoms). This makes the disease difficult to recognise for doctors. Although endometriosis often causes symptoms within 2 years after the first menstruation, it takes an average of 8 years for a woman to have a diagnosis.

Endometriosis in Balance is a centre of expertise for women with deeply invasive endometriosis and offers a holistic approach to the disease and its complaints. We work in a multi specialty team involving endometriosis surgeons, bowel surgeons, urologists, radiologists, pain specialists, fertility specialists, clinical psychologist, physiotherapist, dietician and specialist nurses. Working together with patients we are able to offer all available treatments for endometriosis whatever the needs of the woman and whatever the severity of the disease.

Endometriose in Balans believes that the treatment must always be led by the individual woman with our team acting as her adviser and that she is, at all times, the controller of her treatment. To accomplish this, we use the principal of ‘shared decision making’.

Although operational for a relatively short time, Endometriose in Balans is recognised within the Netherlands with STZ status (the only clinic in the country with this status which recognises a high level of specialisation suitable for taking tertiary referrals) and in March, 2020 received the approbation of the European Endometriosis League being accredited as one of a small number of specialist endometriosis services in Europe deemed to be of highest level of clinical and academic excellence.

By bringing all nessacary pofessionals together in 1 centre, we garantee a very high quality of healthcare

Endometriose in Balance offers an online platform for information exchange with fellow sufferers (?) and professionals. The multidisciplinary team is also an active participant on this forum.

The patient is in control

Multidisciplinary team

Doctor and patient decide together

Improving quality of life


The patient is in control

At the wheel and not in the back seat

Central to the approach of Endometriose in Balans is that the patient retains control over her management and is able to rely on the management through the advice of professionals and specialists from different medical specialities. Every member of our multidisciplinary team is focussed on and specialises in endometriosis. In this way, the patient, working together with her team, is able to find out and decide upon the best management plan for her individually. Before any patient undergoes major surgery, management options are discussed within our multidisciplinary team and the appropriate options then discussed in detail with her.

Dr. Smeets has a personal approach in which she also remains very businesslike and factual. Very pleasant and professional as far as I am concerned. - Iris (29)

Endometriose in Balans App

Endometriose in Balans has developed its own app.  This app will give you all of the information to guide you through the care pathway. Using your iPhone/iPad or android/tablet go to the Appstore to download the app.

J. English

Complex Surgery

"Between 35,000 and 75,000 women in The Netherlands suffer from the most severe form of endometriosis with involvement of the bowel, bladder, or nerves. My particular interest is in the management of this severe disease by means of complex laparoscopic surgery with particular reference to the protection of organ function by using “nerve-sparing” techniques. Such complex surgery is not widely available in The Netherlands."

J. Rhemrev - Gynaecoloog

Endometriosis merits more attention

Since my time as a medical student at the Free University in Amsterdam, it was clear to me that endometriosis does not receive the attention which it deserves. Through the experience which I have gained as head of the fertility clinic at Bronovo Hospital and my participation in the team off laparoscopic surgeons, I believe that I brink a valuable contribution to Endometriose in Balans.